I began cutting glass at the young age of 10 while helping my father fix broken windows in his workshop from the neighborhood baseball games. My Dad caught on to my eagerness to volunteer and realized I wanted to learn how to work with stained glass. After many trips to the local library, museums, and glass factory, I began creating my own designs. My work consists of functional and decorative kiln-fused glass art.

                                                                            *  *  *

My sister was my best critic and favorite customer. She knew at first glance what she liked and was always happy to become the proud owner of those pieces. Her opinion of my art is what encouraged me to focus on learning everything possible about creating a balanced design.

She is also the one who encouraged me to sell my art. She told me the wings of a dragonfly reminded her of my stained glass windows and fused glass, and named my business appropriately... "Dragonfly Glass Art"

I lost my sister to cancer... Although I was unable to be with her at her side when she passed, I think of her every time I step into my studio. I feel her presence as I begin to work and sense a warm smile of approval when I've created a piece she would have liked.

In gratitude to my sister and to keep her memory alive, a portion of all sales is donated to Cancer Research.                                                

Thank You, for your purchase.