Yes, I also weld... and work with copper

It all started because I needed to make some stands to hold my larger glass sculptures.

Little did I realize how exciting life would become and how much more I could create once I mastered welding with a MIG. My adventure began in 2007, at Mesa Community  College in Arizona, under the instruction of Rod Hammil. He provided a safe atmosphere  and endless encouragement while I explored working with copper and steel.  

Learning how to weld has given me a greater appreciation for the men who literally built our country and the Rosie's of WWII who paved the way for women to join them. Welding and working with copper gives me the ability to become more creative as I incorporate  metal with my glass art.  

If you are interested in seeing my latest artwork involving metals, please contact me and I will be happy to send you some pictures.

photo courtesy of Richard H. Dyer


"Long May She Wave"  Fused (frit) Glass with steel stand  17" x 27" x 4"